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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Meet daisy... the folded book hedgehog
I got given this idea, thanks Andrea
                                   holds lots of items like die cuts flowers or other things like  .  
                                         receipts ,even pens.. perfect for a desk.or crafters area.
                                     it as 300 pages .so lots of storage can make it with less
                                     pages . thy look good made from old street maps .or unused diaries
                                    Then fold each  end  of the folded corner  in to the desired shape..
                                     name your hedgog ,these breed fast so look  out you may have a family soon

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Plant pot card
I enjoyed doing this plant pot card ... and it was quick to do..i got the basic idea from creativity mag, issue37. thy put flowers in there's...fold about 2 inches from A4 card over. then fold again in half .cut to look like a plant pot, by cutting one end and using the bit you cut off as a template for the other side.

 print or stamp what image you want. in this case I made envelope seed packets .and stuck them on tags ...make a card the same shape and stick the plant pot to it ..edges only so it leaves a gap for the tags..(the envelope's open to put seeds or money in )  decorate how you wish

Friday, 24 May 2013

First Christmas card this year.

                                      made on the glitter girls .Cosmic board.
                                      most   the cuts are  done on the silhouette software ,
                                      some are to my own design .. the poinsettia is a
                                      Marianne die .and icicle
                                       is a die cut..x

Sunday, 19 May 2013

I love making these tiny shoes .I cut this on the craft robo  .
I embossed the shoe,the old fashioned way . before making it helps to bend the shoe,
 I used sticky fingers glue I find its the best.i also use it now for the roses..
If any one wants the template for this shoe just ask ..